Porcelain Pottery


My pots are hand thrown on the potters wheel. All are made from porcelain which is a fine, white clay. It lends itself best to my carvings and textural additions. Next the pots are bisque fired to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows them to become durable enough to apply my lead-free glazes. Finally, they are re-fired to 2385 degrees Fahrenheit in a gas kiln. This delicate process results in a durable product which is ovenproof, microwave and dishwasher safe.

My pots are made to be used and enjoyed!


Carved Sunflower Vase
12" high
Purple Passion Vase
11" high
10" high


Carved Altered Vase
11" high
Green Leaf Handle Pitcher
9.5" high
Carved Golden Flowers Pitcher
10" high


Oval Footer Container
7" wide x 5" high
Oval Shell Container
7" wide x 4" high


Dancing Flowers
7" high
Tulip Vase
9" high
Breezy Flowers
7.5" high


Oval Platter
13" x 18"
Hurricane Oil Lamp


Shell Casserole
2 quarts
Soup Tureen with Ladle & Plate
2.5 quarts


Purple Passion Teapot
6 cups
"By The Sea" Teapot
6 cups

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